which 4k tv is best?? Vu Premium (55inch) Smart TV.

which 4k TV is best for choose??

which 4k TV is best for choose, In Indian Market or in the International Market most of the consumers wants 4K smart Android TV in there homes,offices,hotels but they are so confused for buying the best smart 4k TV for there use.Therefore now no confusion for the customers who are finding the best smart 4k Tv for there own.After lots of research finally Technoshub has find the best smart 4k Tv for you.The all new Vu premium 55 inch ultra HD 4K smart Android TV .

which 4k tv is best??Vu Premium              (55inch) Smart TV.by technoshub.com
VUmu premium

This Vu premium 55 inch ultra HD 4k smart Android TV is a budget smat TV you have ever seen.This smart TV has 55 inch ultra HD 4k display in it.As we know this is a smart TV,so every smart Television has there own Operating System installed in it.This television has Android with google Assistant and cromecast in built.Now lets talk about the full specification and price of this ultra HD 4k smart Television.

Full Specification and price.

which 4k tv is best?? By techhnkshub.com Vu Premium(55inch) Smart TV.
Vu premium

This TV has Noise cancellation technology feature.this feature will reduce the noise while of your watching time.This smart TV has 30 W box speakers this will give you clear sound of watching.

It has 64-bit Quad core processor and 2 GB of RAM.now you cam enjoy the experience of smooth performance of your Smart TV and watch the endless content in your TV.

Android Pie 9.0 version install in it.In this smart TV you have Google store, Google Games, Google movies, Netflix and more for you.You can play whatever you want to play, You can’t feel bore in your free time.

Dolby Audios MS12 Audio system install in it.In this smart TV the best Audio system has been installed which givs you the best quality of the audio of the movie,games and more.it decode the universal audio content to give you the best experience.

OTT hot key on you Remote control set. OTT is the Active voice Remote which TV allows you to stream you content, apps , movies, games and more with your voice.

Unique feature which is TV cricket mode install in it.This feature has it own uniqueness.With this mode you can experience the real stadium like in you home.you can experience the 100% Ball visibility even in fast paced moment.

VOD upscale technology install in it.This technology has multiple advance learning advancement technology install in it with Digital signal processor which gives you the experience of audiovisual playback of VOD content for cinematic experience.

Price of this smart TV is 31,999 and sale starts on flipkart.

Quick Specs.

which 4k tv is best?? Vu Premium              Smart TV. By technoshub.com
Vu remimum

Display. UltraHD 4K 55 inch display

Android. Amdroid pie 9.0

OS. 64-bit Quad core processor

RAM. 2GB with 16 GB storage.

Remote. OTT Voice control remote.

Audio. Dolby Audio MS12

speakers. 30 W box speakers.

Refersh rate. 60Hz

Supported Apps. Netflix, Google movies, Google play, YouTube,Hot-star,prime video.

Price. 31,999 rs

Sale on. Flip kart app or website.

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